CrossFit Valitus – CrossFit

Push Jerk (1×5)

E2MOM for 8min building to slightly heavier than workout weight.

5 unbroken reps from rack

Metcon (Time)

“Treasure Chest”

3 Rounds For Time:

25 Toes to Bar

20 Push Jerks (135/95) (95/65)

60- Double Unders
Today’s main conditioning piece balances out gymnastics, weightlifting, and monostructural movements

Your score is the total time it takes to complete the workout

The barbell will come from the floor for this movement, not out of a rack

All reps should be push jerked (received with bent knees) instead of push pressed

Choose a moderate load that you are capable of cycling for 25+ reps unbroken when fresh



Upper Body:

Puppy Pose: 1 Minute

T-Spine Rotations (per side): 1 Minute

Wrist Stretches: 1 Minute

Childs Pose: 2min

Lower Body:

Couch Stretch: 2 Minutes Each Side

Pigeon Pose: 2 Minutes Each Side

Recline Bound Angle Pose: 90 Seconds

Downward Dog: 1 Minute

Straddle Pose: 1 Minute

Half Kneeling Split: 1 Minute

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