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Reviewing basics on Kipping patterns from rig. Variations of kip during Toes-to-Bar and its progrressions.

Metcon (Time)

“Pipe Down”


Power Cleans (115/85) (95/65)

Hand Release Push-ups

Directly Into…


Push Press (115/85) (95/65)

Toes to Bar (Knees to Chest)
22min Time Cap

Today’s workout includes two couplet workouts that consist of a barbell lift and gymnastics movement

You’ll complete the full 21-15-9 or power cleans and hand release push-up before advancing to the second couplet

Your score is the total time it takes to complete all 180 reps

Choose a weight based on the movement that is more challenging for you, likely the push press


1min- Downward Dog

1-min Childs Pose

90sec- Pigeon Stretch (per side)

1min- Cobra Pose

90sec- Hip Flexor Stretch (per side)

1min- Childs Pose

1min- Cobra Stretch

1min- Ragdoll Pose

1min- Reclining Bound Angle

90sec- Half Front Split

1min- Childs Pose

90sec- Thread the needle pose (per side)

1min- Twisted Cross (per side)

90sec- Seated Straddle Stretch (per side)

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