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Weighted Pull-ups (1×2)

Build to 2rep Max within 12min E2MOM

If unable to do a Strict Pull-up perform 6 reps every 2min of a modified strict Pull-up (banded, barbell on rig, eccentric control, etc.)

Metcon (Time)


5rnds For Time:

5- Strict Pull-ups (Strict Progression)

12- Hollow Rocks

10- Hand Release Push-ups

12- Superman Rocks

200m Run
25min Time Cap

Choose a strict variation that you used in during the E2MOM of Pull-ups

Hollow Rocks keep shoulder blades and feet/things off floor.

Hand Release Push-ups keeps shoulder, hips and feet in a straight line. (no worming up)

Superman Rocks maintain length through the body, don’t crunch up excessively on your lower back.

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