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15min EMOM: Alternating between 3 movements:

1- 3-5 Muscle Ups or Pull-ups

2- 30sec L-Sit Hold (Bent Knee to scale)

3- 40sec Handstand Hold (Wall Walk Hold)

**reduce reps or time to place emphasis on position and technique**

Metcon (Time)

“Always Caffeinated”

For Time:

40/35 cal Row

30- Handstand Push-ups

30/24 cal Row

15- Handstand Push-ups

15/12 cal Row

10- Handstand Push-ups
20min Time Cap

Scale HSPU to Pike Push-ups or Barbell Push Press from Rack at 115/85 or weight scheme where you have to break up the reps at least twice & Dumbbell kneeling Strict Press

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