CrossFit Valitus – CrossFit


12min EMOM: Alternating between 3 movements

1-30sec: Dead Arm Hang ( straight arm on pull-up bar, knuckles high)

2- Hollow to Superman Roll: 12 reps (slow is smooth, smooth is fast)

3- 30sec Handstand Hold on Wall


10min E2MOM:

perform 5-8 banded Chin-ups on rings, or Banded Pull-ups on Rig.

*Emphasis is to be VERY explosive on the way up, so there should be a lot of tension from the band for support*

Metcon (Time)

“Sun’s Out Guns Out”

For Time:

30- Strict Ring Dips (Box Dips)

90sec- Accumulate Hollow Hold

30- Hand Release Push-ups

90sec- Accumulate Superman Hold

30- Strict Pull-ups (30- Inverted Rows)
18min Time Cap

make Inverted Rows as Difficult as possible so you are only completeting 5 reps at most

Use box or Bench or other scaled options for Dips

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