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Tall Snatch (5×4)

Stand tall with a snatch-width grip, the bar hanging at arms length and the feet in the pulling position. Pull the elbows up and out aggressively, and pick up the feet. Pull yourself down as quickly as possible while replacing your feet flat on the floor in your receiving position and locking the bar overhead in a squat. Attempt to get the bar locked out overhead as quickly as possible, although it will be near the bottom of the squat.
5min EMOM

perform all 4 reps unbroken from “tall” position

choose a light weight or just use barbell. Emphasis on speed under bar.

Hang Snatch (5×4)

at 60-65% of 1rm

rest 90sec b/w reps

4 unbroken reps

emphasis on catching below parallel

“Snuck n Snizz” (Time)

“Snuck n Snizz”


Box Jumps (24″/20″)

Power Snatches (95/65) (75/55)
Choose a weight you are able to do large sets of unbroken snatches, or fast singles with.

Both are power movements, so pace yourself.

20min Time Cap

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