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CO2 Tolerance Test (Time)

3 Full inhale/exhales, 4th Full breath in and time the slowest exhale (through the nose) that you can do. If you stop, get stressed out or pause/swallow the test is over.

Record time that you stopped exhale.


9min EMOM: Alternate between 3 movements:

1- 5 Strict Toes-to-Bar/Knees-to-Chest

2- 30sec Handstand Hold, 5-10ft Handstand Walk

3- 20sec Bent Arm Hang from Pull-up bar, or 30sec Active Hang from Pull-up Bar

– Bent Elbow at 90degrees

6min E2MOM:

6- Pistols (per leg) use plate, rig, or box as support. Narrow Squat stance to scale as well.

Metcon (Time)

“Deck of Death”

For Time:

Suit determines the exercise:

Hearts = Push-Ups

Diamonds = Toes-to-Bar/Knees-to-Chest

Clubs = Air Squats

Spades = Lunges

Jokers = 10 Burpees
Entire Class works together, score is total time takes class to finish.

Draw cards from a standard 52-card deck plus 2 Jokers. Each card drawn determines which exercise to do and the number of reps.

Card value determines the number of reps (face cards = 10, Aces = 11).

30min Time Cap

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