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Partner Walmart (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of 2, AMRAP 30:

10/7 Calorie Row

10 Medball Squat Jumps (20/14)

5 Power Clean and Jerks

1st 6 Rounds – 95/65

2nd 6 Rounds – 115/85

3rd 6 Rounds – 135/95

4th 6 Rounds – 155/105


Bike calories 7/5

MedBall SJ (25/20)
Parters cycle through full rounds, one at a time. Weights climb every (6) rounds, or in other words, after each partner has cleared the weight twice. Score is full rounds, plus reps.

In other words, every time an athlete completes the row/medball/CJ triplet, that counts as a single round. When the full team has cleared six rounds, we increase to the next weight. Reset the monitor each time.

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