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Shoulder Press (5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1)

20 Minutes to complete the rep scheme. Start at roughly 60% of your strict press max and build over sets.

Power Ranger (Time)

15 Power Cleans, 600m Run

10 Power Cleans, 400m Run

5 Power Cleans, 200m Run

Rx 135/95 Rx+ 155/105
TC 15

Inside this workout, we want to cycle as well. Commonly, a “slightly heavier” loading such as this barbell results in fast singles. But the way this workout is set-up, it pays to aim for touch and go repetitions. Although we naturally gravitate towards whatever method could bring us our fastest time, we actually have a larger goal today – to get outside our comfort zone on he power cleans. Le’s aim for good sized sets, from start to finish.

To put a little more context behind it, let’s aim for at most two breaks in the first 15 reps. In round two’s 10 reps, at most a single break. And on the final 5 reps, let’s aim for unbroken. In training, we have nothing to loose, everything to gain.

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