7.12 HERO

7.12 HERO

CrossFit Valitus – CrossFit

Justin (Time)

For Time:


Body Weight Back Squat

Body Weight Bench Press

Strict Pull-ups
In honor of U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Justin M. Hansen, 26, of Traverse City, Michigan, died July 24, 2012
To learn more about Justin click here

Metcon (Distance)

“Swim Conditioning Sunday”

2 x 6 Minute Intervals:

Rest 3 Minutes Between

In Each Interval:

2 Minutes Light Pace

2 Minutes Moderate Pace

2 Minutes Hard Pace
Establish your own paces, prioritising being able to maintain continuous movement FIRST and overall speed SECOND.

Record total meters covered for each 6-minute round.

Your final score is the lower of these two totals.

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