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Deadlift (20-Rep Heavy)

A 20-rep for the day as a gauge on where we are with our higher repetition capacity. This will be a benchmark we will re-test at the end of the cycle. This is planned here, in week 3, after a handful of sessions allowing to gain some awareness of where this number could be.

Warming (one set at each percentage, using estimated 1RM):

7 Reps @ 40%

5 Reps @ 50%

3 Reps @ 55%

3 Reps @ Target Weight (~55-65%)

Meter Maid (Time)

For Time:

200m Run, 27 Wallballs, 27 Box Jumps

200m Run, 21 Wallballs, 21 Box Jumps

200m Run, 15 Wallballs, 15 Box Jumps

200m Run, 9 Wallballs, 9 Box Jumps

Wallball – 20/14

Box Jump – 24″/20″
TC: 20

In “Meter Maid”, we are looking for consecutive movement. With moderate sized sets on the wallball and box jumps, this workout is a shortened variation of the CrossFit.com workout, “Kelly”.

This workout is front-end heavy. That is, just under 70% of the reps inside the gym take place in the front two rounds. Despite this, or perhaps maybe better said because of this, we as athletes tend to slow down our transitions in that back end. “Rounds” 3 and 4, the 15’s and 9’s, are where we take that extra couple of moments before beginning. Or we walk to the box, verses run.

Knowing that the transitions must be held in the second half, let’s pace the opening end appropriately. In a perfect scenario, we get faster on each 200 meter effort.

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