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Box Squats (EMOM x 7 of 2 Box Squats)

HB or LB Back Squat

to a plate stack (box)

hip crease below the knee.
Start around 55% of your 1RM Back Squat and Build over the 7 rounds.

The focus here is on control and speed coming off the box over the weight used.

Click here to see a video example of the box squat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtfoIL-Cjyo&feature=youtu.be

We’ll break this movement down into 4 parts: Stance, Down, Sitting, and Up

For the stance, we want to take a wider stance than usual to help pin point the posterior chain more

On the way down, think about sitting back slowly so the shins are vertical instead of dropping straight down

We want to briefly pause in a sitting position to take away the stretch reflex of the movement instead of just bouncing off the box

The goal is to be explosive as possible on the way up to our standing position

Metcon (Time)

“Squeaky Clean”

3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

7 Power Cleans

7 Hang Squat Cleans

7 Squat Cleans

Barbell: 115/85

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