Midnight Monkey Business

Midnight Monkey Business

CrossFit Valitus – Open Gym


Med Ball Relay (Time)

As a team move your pile of

Med Balls from Home to 1st base,

1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd,

3rd to Home.
Med Balls cannot

advance to the next base

until all are placed

at the current base.


Barbell Space Race (1 x Infinity)

Teams will rotate thru at a chosen

Barbell movement starting at

a manageable weight.

At the end of each rotation

weight is added until the

last person has maxed out the lift.

A running clock will be set

and athletes will lift at a given interval.

The interval will increase

as the size of the rotation

Additional points can be gained by…..

1.) Executing a more difficult

lift than the one


If, however, the athlete

fails the more difficult lift

they are out.

2.) After an athlete is out of the

rotation they can do burpees for extra points

until the next athlete is out.

At that point the next athlete

will take over the burpees.


Hopper Chopper (Time)

5 Movements will be drawn from a

Hopper. A team member will start

with the first movement and

move thru the chipper.

Successive team members will

start and advance as space

becomes available at each station.
Only one athlete is allowed to work at each station.


Medicinal Mile (Time)

4 Rounds

1 Dose of Medicine

400m Run
Pick your poison…..

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