About Us

Valitus Strength and Fitness is a 5,400 square foot fitness playground.  We opened in 2011 and have built a supportive, enthusiastic community of people who recognize that being fit and healthy makes life more fun and less stressful.


We invite you to stop by, say hello, and check us out.  Joining a functional fitness center is not like being an anonymous member of a large, impersonal gym.  You’ll get to know the other members and the trainers well and will find a fitness community unlike any other. We would love for you to stop by and see if our gym is a good fit for you. You’re welcome to try out a class and meet the trainers and some existing members, too.

Valitus Strength and Fitness is a fully handicap accessible facility.  We are also equipped with family bathrooms as well as showers and locker rooms to make it convenient to come in and work out before and/or after work.

Should I wait to lose weight?

No, everybody has an inner athlete, even if it might take a bit of time and effort to recognize and then embrace him/her. You can complete our workouts no matter how much you weigh, and no matter how fit you are or are not. After we meet with you and welcome you into the community, we’ll work with you to personalize a fitness regime and will scale workouts to work with your current level of fitness. START FROM WHERE YOU ARE NOW…we’ll help you reach any goal from your current level of fitness.

Do I need to be an athlete to do this?

No. Our workouts can be scaled for any fitness level. When you look at the workout-of-the-day you might be intimidated and think “there’s no way I could do that”, but keep in mind that the unmodified version of the workouts are aspirational and inspirational for most of us – every prescribed workout can be modified by adjusting the amount of weight lifted, the duration of the workout, or the number of repetitions performed. Scaling a workout is NOT cheating. It’s expected for most members – we scale workouts to take into account the individual fitness level of each member in order to provide a challenging workout that will help you progress safely towards your fitness goals.

Will I get bored of monotonous workouts?

No, workouts vary every single day so that boredom doesn’t set in (for your muscles or your brain) and lead you to skip predictable, repetitive workouts.

What is functional fitness?

An approach that combines all elements necessary to build functional fitness: strength, endurance, agility. When we refer to “functional fitness” we mean fitness that helps you in your day-to-day life…lifting children as well as less-animated objects, maintaining good posture as you work and move around, feeling energetic and supple throughout the day. We don’t just mean the type of fitness that makes bathing suit shopping a less stressful experience, though that’s certainly a positive side-effect that you’d also enjoy.

What can I expect a workout to consist of?

Workouts consist of a series of warm-up exercises, some training on the specific skills required to do the workout that’s on deck that day (e.g., proper form for a push-up, or a deadlift, or wall-balls, etc…..there’s some terminology that we use but nothing that you need to be intimidated by, ANYBODY can do this stuff, seriously), then the workout itself, and then a brief cool-down. Depending on the day, the main workout may last from 10 mins to 30 mins. From start to finish we’ll be done in 45-60 mins. Regardless of the duration of the main part of the workout, we promise that you’ll be sweating and breathing hard, and that each workout will help you progress towards your fitness goals.

What are the members like?

We have a supportive community of people who are striving to improve their fitness. We don’t compete aggressively against each other; we leave our egos at the door and support each other. Working out with a group provides encouragement and community that you don’t find with personal training, but avoids the impersonal anonymity that you sometimes find at larger, more traditional gyms.

Are there locker rooms?

Yes, we are fully equipped with a men’s locker room, a women’s locker room, and a family bathroom. There are showers, too!

Do you have a pool on site?

No, we are affiliated with Dynamo Swim Center in Chamblee. It is 2 miles from the gym and takes 6 minutes to get there.

Are pets welcome?

Absolutely! If your pet is friendly, we have chains and an area outback where they can hang out.

Is childcare available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer childcare and currently, with our protocols in place, we ask that kids stay home while you work out.