Our Classes


Our FIT class is a one-hour high intensity interval class designed to improve cardiovascular fitness. The class mixes body weight exercises, resistance training, indoor rowing, running, and interval work, all into one high intensity workout that helps burn fat and improve cardiovascular endurance. Heavy weights are not used in the class as we encourage increased heart rate over heavy weight. FIT is made for ALL fitness levels. If you’ve been lifting heave or need to work on your cardio, come check out our FIT class. Many of our members have seen vast improvements in their cardio performance and rowing capabilities since starting FIT Classes. All of the exercises in the class can be modified to fit any skill level. You can expect to see:

·         Row intervals

·         Squatting with little to moderate weight

·         Lunges

·         Push ups

·         Sit ups

·         Kettlebell and dumbbell exercises

·         Sled pulls and tire flips

·         Running

·         Other low weight high rep weight movements

All you need are tennis shoes and plenty of water. Come ready to work and push yourself!