Workout of the Day

Workout of the Day

TBT 100517

Compare to Thur WOD 100617
Muscle Clean (1RM)
5min To find a 1RM.
Power Clean (1RM)
5min To find a 1RM.
Squat Clean (1RM)

Fight or Flight (3 Rounds for reps)
3 x 5min Rounds for Reps (pts)
1min Pull Ups
1min Push Ups
1min Sit Ups
200m Run*
Rest the remainder

Points are awarded
for the run:
< .40 =25 pts
.40-.45 =20 pts
.45-.50 =15 pts
.50-.55 =10 pts
>.55 =5 pts

Bonus pts can be earned in the last round only w/ Double Unders until time is up.

Compare to Thurs WOD 100617

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