Workout of the Day

Workout of the Day


Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds:
40 Double-Unders
30-40% of Pull-ups
Rest 1:00 between

Ring or Bar Muscle ups

Pick the number of PU or MU you will complete each round and stay consistent.
Metcon (Calories)
On the Minute x 16 (4 Rounds)
Min 1 – 6 Box Jump Overs + 6 TTB
Min 2 – 4 Power Snatches + 4 Overhead Squats
Min 3 – 4 Strict Pull-Ups + 4 Kipping HSPU
Min 4 – Recovery Row

On the Minute x 16 (4 Rounds)
Min 1 – 7 Box Jump Overs + 7 TTB
Min 2 – 5 Power Snatches + 5 Overhead Squats
Min 3 – 5 Strict Pull-Ups + 5-10 Kipping HSPU
Min 4 – Recovery Row

In every minute, we are looking to finish with time to spare. At no point should we be challenged to finish the volume inside of the window. As a slightly scaled up version of an "active recovery day", our intention here is to prime the engine for Friday…. not, to break us down.

On the final station of the four, use the 60 seconds to cruise at a recovery pace on your choice of equipment. Intended to be a pace we are consistently moving, but never fully out of breath. Conversational pace.

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