Workout of the Day

Workout of the Day


Back Squat (E3MOM)
1*8 65%
1*6 75%
1*4 85%
1*4 90%
Front Squat (E3MOM)
1*5 70%
1*4 80%
1*3 85%
1*3 90%
Back Rack Lunge (2 Sets of 14 @ 40%)
Percentage based off current/estimated 1RM Back Squat.
Each of set is 7 reps per leg, for the total of 14.
Rest as needed between sets.

In the back rack reverse lunge, we are looking to find a 90 degree angle in our front leg at the bottom of the lunge. This requires a decent step backwards, reaching behind us. Keeping our shoulders stacked on top of our hips, our aim is to find the vertical shin bone at the bottom, and pull ourselves to a standing position.

What we are not looking for, is a push from the back leg in the movement. Instead, using the hamstring and glutes in the lead leg, pull ourselves forward and up.

As with any lunge, let’s also be mindful of our knees. In standard squats, we can harness the elastic rebound, but here, we have bone to floor contact. So let’s kiss the ground with the knee, but avoid the rebound.

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