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CO2 Tolerance Test (Time)

3 Full inhale/exhales, 4th Full breath in and time the slowest exhale (through the nose) that you can do. If you stop, get stressed out or pause/swallow the test is over.

Record time that you stopped exhale.

Metcon (Time)

“Don’t Drop the Baby”

For Time (with a Partner):

800 meter Medicine Ball Run (20/14 lb)

30- Burpees

40- Push Presses (95/65)

30- Front Squats (95/65)

40- “4 Count” Mountain Climbers

3 minute Plank Hold

800 meter Wallball Run (20/14 lb) together
Run together with one med-ball.

One person works while the other partner holds the medicine ball overhead. If the ball touches the ground, then both athletes must perform 10 Burpees.

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