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Every 4 Weeks
  • $150 80 Week Agreement
  • $165 52 Week Agreement
  • $200 Month to Month
  • $150 10 Classes
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Unlimited Valitusfit
Pay in Full
  • $450 12 Week Trial
  • $900 26 Weeks
  • $1740 52 Weeks
  • $2430 80 Weeks
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**ALL Pay in Full options that are paid with cash or a check receive an additional 3% off the listed price.**

We always welcome new faces at Valitus Strength and Fitness! If you’re interested in signing up for a class or a membership, contact us at valitusstrengthnfitness@gmail.com or drop by the gym to say hello.

Athletes new to Valitus Strength and Fitness may be interested in our 12 week trial to see if our facility, programming and coaching are a good fit for you.

If you are unfamiliar with the movements in our regular classes, our Fundamentals course is a great way to start. These classes give new athletes a chance to learn the core movements and get acclimated to high intensity workouts before joining the regular class.

If you are an experienced athlete, feel free to drop in to any of our classes. We recommend coming a few minutes early to meet with one of our coaches, fill out a waiver, and learn about Valitus Strength and Fitness. As you will appreciate, training with a barbell requires skill – all athletes wishing to join the regular classes will be asked to complete a barbell familiarity test and demonstrate competency with the core barbell movements.

We also welcome athletes from out of town! Drop in rate is $20 per class and $15 for Wodify users. If you are in town for longer than that and want to drop in for multiple classes, contact valitusstrengthnfitness@gmail.com or discuss other options with a trainer at the gym.

Putting your Membership on Hold:  You may temporarily suspend or freeze your Membership for any reason if:

  1. your account is up to date; and
  2. you have more than 2 weeks left of your current Agreement.

**In any 52-week period you may freeze your Membership 1 time, for up to 4 weeks. We may agree to freeze your Membership for more than the period noted above for emergency travel, medical or hardship reasons but you must give us proof (such as supporting documents) to our reasonable satisfaction. A Freeze Fee of $1 per day applies during any freeze period. Direct debit payments that fall in the freeze period will be frozen (except the Freeze Fee).