Liz Cassidy

Liz Cassidy

As a coach, I want to see you move well, feel good, and have FUN! Fitness is a lifetime pursuit, and it’s a privilege to help you develop the skills and abilities you need to accomplish your long- and short-term physical goals.

Before starting CrossFit in 2016, I loosely called myself a “runner/fitness enthusiast” but stayed clear from any type of strength and conditioning due to lack of knowledge and confidence.

CrossFit provided a supportive, safe, and encouraging community to learn new movements and push my body in ways I never had. With each new skill and PR achieved, I found new strength and confidence. I love that we celebrate all wins, big or small, while leaving space for growth and improvement as an athlete- whether it’s learning a new skill, honing technique, lifting more weight, or training our focus and mindset.