Workout of the Day

Workout of the Day

“Grip Strength” In teams of two…..

<div class="soswodify_wod_comment" In teams of two–one partner works while the other holds the barbell in various positions without dropping. Even in transition, partners may not allow the barbell to touch the ground until you are at the farmers carry.

**10 Burpee penalty for BOTH partners if the barbell touches the ground at ANY point prior to the farmer’s carry.

Metcon (Time)
400 Meter Run
Barbell Hold Over Head 95/65
400 Meter Run
Barbell Hold in Hang Position 95/65
400 Meter Farmer Carry (25/15) ish
Hang From Rig
2x alternating tire flips (partner not flipping will jump or step into the tire and over the tire)

Remember each partner must complete run portion and hold portion of the WOD. Burpees completed before moving to tire flips.

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