Workout of the Day

Workout of the Day


Metcon (Time)
For Time
30 Power Snatches
10 C2B
30 Power Clean and Jerks
10 C2B
30 Thrusters
10 C2B
Rx 135/95
Rx+ RMU for C2B

Accessory Work
3 Rounds, resting 2:00 between:
100′ Single DB OH Walking Lunge
30 Weighted Abmat Sit-Ups
10 Romanian Deadlifts
Rest 2:00 between sets.

Athletes are free to build on the weighted movements between rounds.

100′ DB Walking Lunge
Using the Open standards, complete 4×25′. Free to change hands as seen fit. Focus here is not on speed (which was the focus in the Open), but rather on positioning. Ensuring we are maximizing our shoulder position through external rotation, while actively pressing the bicep as close to the ear as possible. Further, check in with the midline. Are we compensating to one side, and is one side more stable than the other? Use this as a diagnostic tool.

30 Weighted AbMat Sit-Ups
Anchor the feet, and hold a dumbbell across the chest. Let’s build towards a challenging load that we can complete the set of 30 with no more than one break.

Romanian Deadlifts
Bringing the bar as close to the ground between reps, without actually touching the ground. It’s in effect a "no touch" stiff-legged deadlift, focusing on the posterior chain. Start at 25% of your estimated 1RM Deadlift, and climb from there as seen fit.

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